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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shower Day

Today, we were given an adoption shower for Drew by my very bestests of friends! Man they really worked hard on getting it all together. I almost felt guilty for not being there to help set up-haha. My friend Felisa raided my house of Chinese/Asian decor to use. My mom donated these beautiful Chinese silk bed linens that she bought while in China two years ago which were used to cover some of the tables. Felisa tied chopsticks together with a red ribbon and attached a label that had different sayings and our blog address as party favors. Oh yes, they made me pose with this hat on which to me looked more Vietnamese than Chinese but they didn't mind, they just wanted pictures. We had pictures of Drew everywhere and I made a "Welcome Drew" scrapbook page for everyone to sign for Drew to see. It all turned out so wonderful! You should've seen the cake, it was 3 layers- all different kinds, with red icing decorated with cherry blossom flowers, chop sticks and 2 miniature USA flags and a China flag as toppers. We had crab rangoon, spring rolls, teriyaki chicken on a stick, Asian dip/chips to eat. Man, he made out like a bandit too! He got 3 BIG Tonka trucks, Riley got 1 as well- which was great. He got a denim bean bag and a duffle bag with his name stitched on them from his "grandma" Shirley- she even got Riley one too. He has enough art and craft supplies to make tons of projects; lots of DVDs, booster seats, clothes, an MP3 player, books, toy chest, a table and chair set that matches his room, VTech/LeapFrog learning toys, balls, and much more! I wonder where we're going to put it all, it looks like his room exploded today. I couldn't take pictures with my camera because it turns out I'm a big dummy and had the battery in wrong so it wouldn't work... DUH!! I found this out after I got home and my dh Scott showed me. Whew, I must have been nervous or something..hmmm... Luckily my dear friend and my niece took lots of pics for me so I'll post them as soon as I get them. Well let's see, it's now 17 days and counting til we leave for CHINA!! Drew and the rest of us are so very fortunate and lucky to have such a supportive and caring group of friends and family. I can't wait for him to meet them all!!!!!

Oh yes, have to tell you two more cute stories about Riley that happened today at the shower.
My friends from work had all went together and got Drew and Riley the Tonka trucks. While he was hugging Ms Shirley for his presents, I asked him to thank the other 4 ladies as well. Therefore, he ended up hugging each one and telling them thanks for the truck. When he was done, he acted like he was exhausted ,was ready to run off and said, "Whew, am I done?" It was so cute and he ran around the table to hug them all.
Also, Riley walked up to my friend's mom (whom he doesn't know really well) and said, "Hey, you know I'm getting a brother?" She said, "yeah, that's what this is for."He said," yeah, I know, and I like his room, it's SO cool ."
How cute is that????

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