Mommy and daddy are coming for you!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oops I forgot...

Sorry everyone, I just took it for granted that you've seen the beautiful pics of our Drew. Gee, what was I thinking? So... here it goes.... trying to load them. Hang with me and keep your fingers crossed!!

These photos of Drew were the first ones I laid my eyes on and fell in love. These were on our adoption agency's waiting child list back in Oct 07. Look at those dimples!!

We're going to China!!

Today we received an email from CHI (our adoption agency)that our consulate appointment has been made ( in order to finalize the adoption and receive Drew's visa) and that we are able to finally make our flight arrangements! Yippeeee!!! Therefore, it looks like we will be leaving here on Wednesday, 3/26/08 and coming back on Thursday 4/10/08. We have so much to do before then. Yikes! What a long plane ride it will be. This I don't look forward to at all. I will post when we have final flight times made. The travel agent was out of the office this afternoon so I guess we'll wait til Monday. Wow I'm so excited! The time is finally coming to where I will officially be a mommy. Now that sounds like music to my ears at last. Everyone please bare with me, as I will be a basketful of nerves by the time we travel. Now all I have to do is PACK! What a job that will be. I always tend to overpack, I'm such a clothes horse. I wonder how many lbs our suitcases will end up being... hahaha.

Looks like it's going to rain soon

Today it's quite sunny and pretty outside, however, I'm referring to the adoption shower that my friends are giving me in a week! It appears that it's all coming together quickly. We ate at the Chinese restaurant last night and while there I had to grill the owner with questions about translating the language and everything. I'm probably about to drive her insane. I was there with my friend who is coordinating the shower plans. Looks like we're having Chinese food to eat at the shower too, yay! I'm not sure I'm suppose to know this or not but Fawn (the owner) gave my friend a deal on the food, chopsticks, and fortune cookies...sweet! I didn't realize there's so much planning that goes on for this type of occasion. Who knew? I'm Sooo excited!!!