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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Progressing right along...

Drew continues to learn more things/English everyday and talks up a storm. He can now say 3-4 word sentences too. Here are some words and things he says on a daily basis- "What is it?", "I not know", "I love you big", "Come on Katie", "Look Mama", and much more. It's the funniest thing when he gets onto Katie our dog or one of the cats by telling them "boo!" (which means no in Chinese). He is now used to saying No and Yes as well to questions we ask him. He understands everything we ask of him and tell him to do, while answering or responding appropriately. His aunt Rose taught him how to play cards, the high /low game. He now knows the faces of the high cards and asks to play all the time. Today he started cheating a little bit though when he played with Nai Nai. He liked to pick out the high cards for himself and gave the low ones to her. That's what I call strategy! ...hahha
He asks about these folks Riley, Felisa, Chloe, Sadie, Uncle Mark, Austin- he usually asks me where they are everyday. He is now used to answering his own question of where everyone is, with answers being "school" or "shong ban" -(which is work in Chinese). He says vroom -vroom (meaning either he wants to go riding in the car somewhere, or he wants to drive his 4wheeler he just got 2 days ago).
He can clearly say anything you ask him to repeat, usually on the first try. Actually, he repeats anything we say , even when we don't ask him to. He wants to see Kung Fu Panda, he got the stuffed animal and the book at Kohl's and now when he sees the commercial he says "Kung Fu Panda, DVD!" I try to explain it's not out on DVD yet, we have to go to the movies to see it when it comes out. He can identify everyone by pictures as well.
Last weekend his Uncle Mark brought him 6 quarts of fresh strawberries. Drew ate all but those that I sent with Scott to work. He called him and asked him about the "big strawberries", meaning he wanted more!
Now, Drew asks to go to the gym with babaw everytime he goes. I showed Drew pictures of weightlifters/gym in a magazine when he asked where babaw was one day and ever since he now knows when he hears the word gym that he wants to go too. He makes the funniest motion with his arms as if he is lifting or pushing weights to show us what he wants to do. Now he says"pump it up" along with the motions, which is hilarious to watch. He eats more so that his muscles get big too. He makes a muscle with his arm to show it off too.

Well it looks like we'll be going to see a pediatric GI doctor in St Louis soon for his colon. It seems they want to do a scope just to see what all they "fixed" in China and to make sure it works as it should. He is doing bettter going to the bathroom too--after the Miralax episodes.
As far as his eating habits, they're coming along too. He now eats chicken nuggets and can pronounce them , along with McDonalds. He finally found a cereal he likes, which is Honey Smacks-he calls it mama's because it's mine. He continues to eat tons of fruits and some veggies though which is great. He prefers to eat the onions and peppers out of the meat dishes, so we have to remind him to eat some of the meat too. Some days he will eat fruits and snacks all day long, (not enough in my opinion), and some days he'll woof down tons of food/meals.
Last weekend, he went to his first swimming b'day party. He did actually get in the pool with his babaw, but didn't want to stay in it for too long. He'd been "practicing " swimming in the bathtub all week prior to this party. He'd basically let us know that he wanted to go swimming in his own way. So now that the party is over, he said he wants to go again! We'll see.... hopefully he will learn to love to swim and play in the water. We're going to the river this weekend again and he'll get to ride in our boat for the first time too. This should be fun to watch. He thinks our dog Katie can drive the boat-(he sees a pic of her sitting in the driver's seat and laughs all the time)!