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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas time!!

Boy, do I have some cute stories to tell about Drew. Guess what he had started saying he wanted for Xmas last month? A baby sister! He heard us talking about it a while ago and he told his teacher at school that he was getting one! Wow his wish will come true in the near future. We have decided to adopt again, this time a little girl from Korea. We're just waiting on our homestudy to get done , our paperwork is done (much quicker, less painful than for China). The wait is still around a year or so though by the time it's all said and done, we're looking like probably 1 1/2 yr.
We took him and Riley to meet Santa and all that jazz too. The cutest thing is that he brought in his stocking and said he was ready to go , so Santa Claus could fill his stocking up with toys. Good thing I didn't let him take it with us there-haha. He was not even afraid of Santa, and sat right down on his lap without hesistation. He told him he wanted a transformer, but later changed his mind to power rangers. I had to "call" Santa and let him know this new change of plans.

We watched Frosty the Snowman on TV last week or so and he kept calling him "Krosty" instead. At first, I thought for sure he called him "Krusty".....again, too cute. Drew has really caught on to the idea of this Christmas thing, he knows he will get presents really soon. He's already counted his gifts under grandma's tree and ours. We were homefrom church a few weeks ago and he started singing Jingle Bells. It took a little bit for me to realize that he'd never heard this before or sang it for that matter. I asked where he'd heard that and he said at church. They were starting to practice for their Christmas program songs and Drew learned the chorus of it after the first time. The following Sunday night, during bath time he repeatedly was singing Happy Birthday Jesus over and over , yet again another song he'd heard. I should 've recorded it. This past Sunday evening was their program in which Drew was a shepherd. He asked me if he could keep his "costume" before we got there and ,"if it was going to be Iron Man". Of course I had to try and explain this concept to him, which I should've showed him pictures of shepherds-duh. He did great in it, though he was playing around and dropped his "big stick" as he called it. Don't you just love his hair in the pic too? I had to laugh even though he was so cute.

Still here

Surprise everyone! Yes we are still laggin' behind with posting as usual, but we are still here and doing just great too. Since I'm so far behind here, I'll just mention the pics on here. We went to our friends to Pumpkin Hollow to feed the animals, take a pony and a hay ride, play on hay bails, and pick out pumpkins. Drew had a big time there, as you can see. For Halloween he was the bumble bee transformer. He almost wasn't though, as he had a bad day and was refusing to go trick or treating! Thank goodness he changed his mind, he loved every minute of it. By the time we were done, his little pail was full as could be. Guess I should throw what's left of it in the trash now.