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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drew's 5 !!!!!!

As of July 15, Drew turned 5. We rented a huge blow up water slide for the kids to play on. Drew and Riley loved this thing. Drew got scared and intimidated when all the kids got here and started playing on it though. He doesn't like crowds of kids just yet, he' d rather have a small group or one on one interaction. We also had to get the spiderman slip n'slide out too for the little ones.

The week before the party, Drew asked every day when his birthday was (as it was on Tues and the party was on Sat.) Therefore, he thought or wished that he had 2 birthdays and turned 5 yrs old then 6 yrs old at the party. Whenever someone asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he'd reply, "spiderman presents." So... low and behold, that's what he got. He now has virtually most of everything with spiderman on it. We even got him a spiderman bicycle with training wheels of course. He now rides it around the block in the evenings and loves it. He thinks he is such a big boy now, just like brother Riley. The only thing now, he can't wait to turn 6!! He's growing up soooo fast already.....

Summer of fun

There's so much to blog about and catch everyone up on about Drew and our family. He is doing really good as before, still eating every fruit and vegetable in sight, talking up a storm these days. He's practically lost all of his Mandarin and speaks only in English now. He won't answer anyone who speaks to him in Chinese but only in English as well. Drew still loves to go fishing, matter of fact he won the kid's fishing derby he was in in June. He caught a 6.9 lb rainbow trout to take the lead. He received a new fishing rod/reel, tackle box , and duffle bag. He beat hundreds of other kids in this tournament, though he truly didn't realize just what a feat it was at the time! The fish was so big Drew was scared of it. We're getting it mounted so that he won't forget this big day. Here are a few pics with his prize winning fish.

We took the kids plus my niece and a friend to the waterpark earlier this summer too. Drew was not too excited about this at first. Finally after lunch he loosened up and got in the water freely to play and asked to go in the lazy river again and again. He wouldn't go down the waterslides but he would act as if he was swimming in the ankle deep part of the wave pool. This was good enough we thought.

We celebrated 4th of July over at the river house, eating lots of food, playing in the river and shooting fireworks. Drew loved the sparklers that he could hold, though he had grabbed hold of a punk/lighter and burned his finger. I'm not sure if he had seen big fireworks before or not, as he didn't make too much of a fuss over them though he did like watching them. The pics of him and Riley doing fireworks at home somehow ended up above this post as well as pics of us at the river.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Six Flags with our friends and their little girl. Drew was happy to see the Looney Tune characters up close, especially Scooby Doo who was there. He actually rode a few roller coasters/type rides but didn't really like them. He rode the new Tony Hawk spinning roller coaster with Riley, Chloe and Felisa but said he didn't want to ride it again. The day was hot but the lines for the rides weren't that bad. It actually rained us out of the park at the end of the day so we headed back home sooner than planned. The pic is of their fake tatoos they had to have before leaving.

We also visited our local children's museum here in town. Yes, we have this here in our very small rural town matter of fact. It is called the Bootheel Youth Museum and is visited by hundreds year round. One of the pics is of Riley, Drew, Chloe and Sadie standing in front of the animal furs hanging on a display. Another is of the town grocery store that they liked to play in. The third is the big sized bubble maker.