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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally.... some pics!!!

Here are a few pics of Drew since we've been home. He has the best time riding on his 4-wheeler and playing on his new swingset babaw put together for him and Riley. Scott has him saying "peace out" and making hand gestures too. This is the funniest to hear! He's already getting that Southern drawl'---hahha
Drew's first fish was a good sized blue gill. Here he is taking his first lessons from his uncle Mark.

More of Drew's adventures

Well we had a very busy last week/weekend. Last Friday, Drew had to have a spinal tap done. He was a true trooper for this though. He only started to cry when they had to stick him for the third time in the hand for an IV and even then he never whimpered. He was sedated for the procedure, which only took <10 minutes. After that he had to lie flat for 30 minutes, then he got to pick out three "prizes" for being such a tough/brave boy. We then had to go to xray so they could get pics of his long bones. This was so funny because everytime he heard the machine go off, he would smile really big. We told him everytime that he had to smile for the pictures. It was so cute, he had the staff chuckling. Because he was unable to eat before the procedure, he was starving so we ate at Olive Garden (which he loves). He ate a large helping of salad, and most of his spaghetti. You would never had known he had anything done to him that day, thank goodness. We got home and he was ready to "vroom vroom" his 4wheeler. We have an appt with a pediatric opthamologist on 6/25 and the GI pediatric doctor on 6/13. He also has to get caught up on his immunizations in the meantime too. This should take a while to get completed though.

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to the river and stayed with my parents. Drew has been there before with me but this time, he got to go fishing with his new Spiderman fishing reel and go for boat rides. He absolutely loved being on the boat! He asked about "the boat" constantly when we weren't in it. We kept his life jacket on him the entire time out in the sun, so he has darker arms, legs, and his face is brown as a biscuit now even with lots of sunscreen. He also had a good time in the hot tub. He probably thought it was a big bath tub to play in!

Drew's citizenship papers finally came in last week so we've sent off for his Mo birth certificate and just today, applied for his SS# card, which takes forever. So, he will have the last of his official paperwork done very soon!

Drew and Riley both went fishing with Scott today. He got them up at 5 a.m.! Let me tell you that Drew is still going strong and has not had a nap all day and it is now after 7 p.m. He fights sleep so badly. He accidentally lost his fishing pole in the water, as he let go of it at some point. He told Scott, "babaw, kahn (look) spiderman,bye!" as it went under.
Drew is always saying "one time" to everything that is asked of him to do or try. So now we all basically answer for him with his famous one time reply, while laughing the whole time. He will try anything once, whether it's trying different food or giving out kisses to everyone. He also now asks, "what are you doing?" He's said this a few times here lately. He tells us all the time that he wants something that Riley has such as games, toys, anything and everything. He also told us that he wants a "big woof woof" like Austin's (his cousin). His uncle Mark told him that he'd get him one if it was ok with his babaw--thanks for that one!...haha He reminds us just about everyday that he wants a "big woof woof". Maybe one of these days he will get his wish.

Well the pictures are FINALLY uploaded to our computer folks, so be ready to see lots of pics of Drew and the rest of our gang!