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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another conversation

Tonight Riley is staying with us for his normal Wed. visit. Well earlier today we rec'd gifts for Drew-which were 2 picture frames. One was magnetic with a baseball field, and bases, home plate that held the pic in place; the other was a nice voice recordable frame. Riley thought this frame was just the coolest. He had to record his voice a few times on it. The last message he recorded was of him whispering,"Kimber, I love you and Drew too." I could barely make it out after he told me what he said. Wasn't that the sweetest? We explained to him that we would be leaving in 2 weeks to pick up Drew. I got a calendar and showed him all the dates and so on. He said ,"you mean you have to be gone for 14 days,why?" I told him that he would see me next Wed again but wouldn't see me after that until we got back with Drew. He just sat there smiling the whole time.

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