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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Proud moments

I was still thinking about the past weekend with the shower and everything and forgot to mention how proud we were of Riley. I had thought he would have shown an inkling of "sibling rivalry" because of the shower, even though Drew's not here yet. I wasn't sure he would understand that the gifts we receive would be for Drew or not. I had asked him a couple of times through the weekend if he wanted to go to the shower and he changed his mind each time. So I was really wondering if he might see all the presents and think, why does he get all the presents? However, I could not have been more wrong--thankfully. Riley is a true trooper, and a very kind hearted kid anyways. He never once said or acted in anyway envious or sad of all the attention and gifts that Drew got. However, we realize once they are "true brothers" playing, this might all go out the window at times... haha.

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