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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chicken store story

I just had to share this funny tidbit with you of Riley and his friend Chloe's (who's 5) conversation about buying a chicken. This morning, apparently my dh Scott was talking about buying baby chicks at Orscheln's and so of course they both got excited and yelling that they wanted one. Well Riley called his mom and asked for her permission and she agreed. Then it was Chloe's turn to call her mom and here's the conversation... "Mama, can I have a baby chicken?" "Scott's taking us to buy baby chickens, so can I have one?"(Of course, she's secretly thanking Scott for this grand idea). "Riley's getting two, but I only want one." Her mom asked where he was getting them and Chloe replies,"at the chicken store." I just laughed to myself when I heard her say this, and thought that was the cutest thing ever. The sad part is that she couldn't have one unless she kept it here-of all places. We have no room, no extra time for another pet as we have our dog Katie, 2 kitties, an iguana, and a hermit crab! Scott says we have a small zoo already... haha. Well we ended up with 2 chics and 1 little duckie!

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