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Monday, June 9, 2008

School dayz

Well Drew went to preschool all last week and even stayed til the end of the day 2:45 four of the five days. He said he liked it and had fun. All he could talk about was Mrs Traci and he even mentioned a classmate's name too. Last Friday I had to pick him up early from the Bootheel Youth Museum from their field trip and when I got there, he was running around holding hands with two girls who are twins. He had one on each hand and laughing. I wish I'd had my camera to take that cute pic. We later teased him about this and he knew what we were talking about, and he just smiled big and giggled. This summer school lasts the month of June only and regular session starts back in Aug. By that time we think Drew will be an "old pro" at going to school and getting into that routine. Drew is starting to interact more with his classmates now too, according to his teacher. He is a very sociable kid and so we figured it wouldn't take too long, he just has to get used to them.

I took Drew and a friend Chloe to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. He was sooo excited and kept asking where Kung Fu was during all the previews before it started. If you ask him about the movie he'll tell you about Po and Tai Lung fighting, it's so cute to see. Now he keeps asking for money to go buy the DVD. We already are planning on that, just waiting til it comes out.
Oh yes, he also wants all the figures from McDonald's from the movie too. He's got two pandas and another character so far.

On another note, forgot to include a post from last week. We are now the owners of rabbits after seeing Austin's, we decided that the kids would love to have them. Riley has asked many times in the past for one anyway. So we bought 4 and 1 died the next day. They are the cutest things though. Drew runs out to check on them everyday. Scott built a big cage for them too so they are doing great. Hmm... now what other animals can we get to add to our zoo?....

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