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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More "firsts" for Drew

Last week as usual, we were still quite busy. Drew got his first haircut, finally. His hair was over his ears! Everyone kept asking when he was going to get a haircut, it was getting bad. So my hairdresser, Nick cut it for free. He gave me my first haircut too so it was only natural that he cut Drew's too. I took pics of this as well and will post them soon. Drew was very quiet sitting in the chair, never talked or moved. He of course wanted Riley to get his hair cut too, if he had to do it. He always sure to try and get Riley to do the same as he has to do, such as going to bed, etc. So anyway, Drew looks so cute with his new do'. After this, we went to the movies, which was also a first for him. He looked at the screen and said, "big DVD". He still can't wait to see KungFu Panda , and still doesn't understand that we just can't go buy the DVD to watch here yet. The next day was Drew's first day to actually go "swimming". He got in and waded around, then later agreed to get into a little floatie boat that wouldn't tip over. He loved for us to push him around in this. He thought he was a big boy. He later got brave and tried to sit on this shark floatie which he fell off of and went under but Scott was there to pull him back up. He didn't like this so he didn't want to get back on after this accident, who could blame him?
We believe it won't take long for him to be swimming around this summer, as this was only the first day that he'd been in an outside pool and he was quite brave. He knows that his cousin Taylor is going to teach him how to swim and he is looking forward to it.

Last night at his friend Chloe's, Drew learned how to swing himself around or flip over the rings on her swingset. He was so proud of himself and he came and dragged me out to show me his new trick. He later got mad when he couldn't do this on our swingset at home because the rings are different. I told him that I'd show him how to do it and he was ok then.

So yesterday was his first day at summer preschool. I took him late in the day and he was fine to go but he didn't want me leaving. He "caught" me trying to leave and he kept saying, "Kimber, quit!" So finally Mrs. Traci just dragged him away crying as I left. However, after calling to check on him, I found out he quit crying as soona s I walked out and was fine. He got restless about an hour or so later and was asking for me so I went to get him. He had a paper with stickers on it and a beaded necklace with a smiley face sun on it. He immediately asked about the Spiderman DVD that I'd promised him if he'd be good at school,etc. He doesn't forget anything.... Right now he is at school again. He didn't cry at all and wasn't nearly as clingy as yesterday. Maybe we're making progress! So since he's not here, I have time to blog and clean his room-hhaa. He will get ESL tutoring this summer after his preschool class too. Hopefully he can stay focused long enough for the teacher. The other night while watchin E.T. for the 3rd night in a row, Drew said,"mama, two E.T., why?" He said it twice before I realized what he'd said. He continues to ask many questions such as, "what are ya doing?" He wants an answer for everything. He was getting the cat inside last night and he said, "get in there". He'd heard us say that before at other times, but then I hadn't said a word so he came up with that all on his own.
Speaking of the cat, he continues to love on them both everyday. The laid back cat now hisses and growls at him almost immediately now when he tries to pick her up and the other cat now is more easy going--who would've thought... He also loves on Katie, our dog everyday even though she bit him on the forehead about 3 weeks ago. Luckily this had healed up wonderfully, even though it looked horrendous.

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