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Monday, April 14, 2008

Drew's first days home

We've had a few days now to sleep and get some rest. Over the weekend, Riley slept in Drew's extra bed and the only thing that happened was that Drew got woke up by one of the cats-which scared him. Otherwise, he's done great sleeping. Last night he slept in his bed all night long, I had to wake him up this morning at 9:00 ! Boy, does this really help too! You'd think that we'd be caught up on our sleep too by now, but today I still felt pretty darn tired. I'm so thankful he is a good, sound sleeper so far. Well Saturday was our first trip to Wal Mart. We had to go get the necessities at least. Drew had just taken a two hour nap before we got there , so he was still in a daze. (I think we all were). Riley and their friend Chloe was sure to help make sure that Drew did get a toy though (like he doesn't have enough- haha). Today, we rode bikes in the driveway- he rode a tricycle and I rode my new bike. He got to hit the ball with the bat and liked it until he couldn't hit very many, then he quit. He got to play at the park for just a few minutes too. Oh yeah, today was the first time that he rode the lawnmower with his babaw. He absolutely loved this! (Too bad he won't love it in a few more years--Scott says). Yesterday we visited our preacher's family and he had a ball riding Cole's battery powered 4 wheeler. He wanted to go faster and also went for a ride on the big 4 wheeler. I figure it's only a matter of time before we have to buy one at Wal Mart.....
We continue to have visitors and many people asking when they can meet him. He has done very well and just gone with flow each time. He loves to say hello, thank you, good-bye, see you later and count to 10 in English for them all. He also repeats just about everything we say or tell him to say for us. He is learning all of the time!
Yesterday Fawn called and asked if Drew wanted to come to the restaurant and eat some crab and noodles. Of course he wanted to. He calls her "Aye Ei" just as he did to our guides in China. It's like rewinding our time in China... our travel group will remember this forever I would say. Has little voice carries quite far! Fawn told me that all the women in China are called this for "aunties" so it's just normal.
He had a good time there at the restaurant too. He ate a lot of noodles and pieces of crab that Fawn would pick out of the shell for him. She gave him a bag of goodies, cookies, snacks, a
Chinese letter pad, and 2 Chinese cartoon movies. He told her that he missed it over in China... mostly I think he was referring to his friends from the orphanage and those who were adopted the same time he was. He specifically said "Xin Zhu" which is his best buddy Tonito. I told him that we would maybe visit him this summer. He said, "no he wanted to go now." Gee, if only it was that easy.

Just a while ago, he ate a package of ramen noodles and a whole ziplock bag of cut up cucumbers. He would drop or dip the cucumbers in the juice and eat them. I told you he eats gross stuff! haha The women from our church are cooking us dinner all week and tonight it was pot roast, salad, rolls, and ice cream dessert (which Scott devoured). Thank you ladies!!! Drew later wanted to try the pot roast. He tasted of the meat and didn't like it. I think he thought it might have been lamb. He did eat a few potatoes though. And earlier, he ate tons of baby carrots. Good thing he likes his fruits and veggies!
Right now, he is sitting on his baba's lap singing the ABC song along with the LeapFrog fridge phonics magnet he got. It's so cute to hear, he keeps repeating it if he messes up. He sings his own version of it, instead of E-F-G, he says U-F-G.

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