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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy days...

Drew keeps us very busy everyday! I guess this is no surprise, except to me since I'm a new mom--haha. He's been riding his tricycle in the driveway and "racing" me on my bike again today. We also went riding this morning around the block. He made it the whole way but we took several small breaks on the way. When we got home, he had to tell babaw all about how he raced mamaw! He must have been wore out from this as he is in his room watching one of the movies Fawn got him. He has looked at all the movies in his room but hasn't watched them yet. He does like to watch them in the car but doesn't use the headphones much to listen to it. I suppose because he can't understand it anyway? Oh yes speaking of cars, he likes to act like he's driving it. He also likes to fiddle with the controls so now we've had to be sure and take out the keys and use the child locks on the doors! I'm sure he's never been in a car before. He doesn't like seat belts, of course what kid really does?
Last night we went to my brother's house to see them for a minute. Drew was taken back by my nephew Austin's dog Buddy. Buddy is a very big chocolate lab and very rambunctious! I let him out of his cage and it tore after Drew, wanting to play. This scared Drew as he ran through the house with Buddy at his heels about to run over him. However later he kept wanting to go back and look at him. He'd say woof woof and stretched his arms out as far as he could. He and Austin get along just great too. He loves other kids, especially boys. He followed him like a little puppy dog.
He continues to be fascinated with the cats, especially our black/white cat who is very passive and slow moving. He talks about her constantly and always wants to be holding her or making sure she is sitting beside him. Yes, she gets quite mad at him at times hissing at him. I don't know why she doesn't just run and hide better!
Drew's leg is healing up more every day-thank goodness. It just needed some air to dry up a little ( well that and no one pulling off his healed new skin each time as in China). I try to put stuff on it but he howls thinking it's going to hurt like it did before, so mostly I just leave it alone. The scar is huge-poor kid!!
Well tonight will be our first night without babaw here. He has to go back to work tonight--too bad. I'm really wondering how Drew will do without him here. He loves to snuggle up with Scott on the couch and fall asleep. I will keep you posted on this new venture.

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Kathleen said...

China, for us, was amazing and wonderful but overwhelming to say the least. The real fun started
when got home and settled in...sounds like your really enjoying that now. Congrats to you all.