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Friday, April 18, 2008

Battle of the wills...

Well Drew cried the first night without his baba. He kept putting off sleep even though he was wore out. So finally I had to call Scott (at work) so that he could tell Drew to go to bed/sleep and to leave the cat alone. Drew has this obsession with our one cat who is passive and declawed in the front paws. He constantly looks for her if she is not where he can see her, or is carrying her around to the point that she hisses and growls at him, or tries to keep her shut in his room or closet with him. We have to make him leave her alone-- no joke. So anyway, on with bedtime, he did sleep all night long then and every night since /after then too. He now likes me to lay down with him and watch movies before he goes to sleep. I know, I started a bad thing here. But I love cuddling with him and sharing time with him. I'm just glad he sleeps through the night and doesn't have nightmares. Scott's just glad he doesn't sleep in our bed!

We've had our battles with him pretty much everyday except for yesterday. He was very good all day long. We took him shopping for clothes and made a run to Wal-Mart for groceries, etc. Of course he got tons of stuff at all stores. He waited patiently in line for me to pay and thanked me for his stuff too. We thought this was sooo sweet!
Drew is very hard headed and strong willed. He is starting to realize maybe that he's met his match with us, especially with Scott. He can be the sweetest ever then choose to be onery the next. I suppose he is just still testing us in what he can get away with, (which isn't much here).
He is very stubborn and yet he knows when he's in trouble. He went to his room earlier b/c he wouldn't pick up the trash on the floor that I repeatedly asked him to do nicely. He later came out and said "sorry". So he does know when he's wrong.

Whew this discipline stuff is a whole new ballgame for mama here. I'm learning quite a lot, at a very fast pace!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! We all miss Drew so much!! Brian talks about him all the time! I'm so glad things are going good! Hopefully we will meet up again in the future! Say hi to your parents for us - they were so sweet and encouraging for us!

Dana & Rick said...

Kim, Sounds like everything is going really well! I bet you are
on cloud nine! I loved reading all
of the blogs while you guys where
in China,(and now that you are home) It seems like the kids did
amazingly well! Well we started in
getting our bedrooms ready, just
trying to pass the time and wait patiently!!