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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drew's updates

Yes we're lagging behind in updating this blog. There's so much to talk about now, that I can't keep up and remember it all. Well I finally took Drew to the dentist about a month ago, yes I"m a slacker with that too. Anyhoo, his teeth checked out great, no cavities! Drew had to go back by himself and he wasn't scared nor asked me to go with him--this was one of the firsts. We were just amazed that he didn't have any cavities since he eats lots of candy. Drew loves going to school still. He also now goes to ESL class three times a week. Yesterday, we had our 6 month post adoption visit with our social worker here. Drew was such a ham and had us laughing most of the time she was here. First let me back up, Drew had a minor surgery last week (circumcision). So he proceeded to tell Rebecca our social worker that the doctor fixed his wee wee, among other statements.... He had to show her his bedroom and everything in it. He even showed her his stash of cash he has hidden in his underwear drawer. She was surprised we had more animals/pets than the last time she was here. Just recently we've added 2 kittens, and a puppy as of last week. So now we've reached our quota with 4 cats, 2 dogs, 4 rabbits, and 1 iguana. Maybe we should start charging admission or something.... Drew had to show off all his pets to her too. She was quite impressed with Drew's continued progress and how bright he is.
We're just thankful that he has adjusted amazingly well and secure in such a short time and is the perfect fit in our family. Well in one more day, we will be seeing two other families that we traveled with to Urumqi to meet our kids. Drew is soooo excited and happy, he can't stand it!!
They are meeting us at my parents' house at the river for the weekend. Yes it will be such a short weekend, but well worth it. The only downside is that the family from Florida won't be attending, good grief that'd be a long drive!

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Dana said...

You are right!! You are lagging behind!! I need updates, pictures,
positive feed back!!
Just kidding...well not really.LOL
Can't wait to get Sha Mei home and
get together with some of you guys
with Urumqi kids!!