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Monday, August 25, 2008

Time for school

Well Drew started preschool last Monday with a slow start. He had been waking up early for the entire past 2 weeks prior to starting, however this day, he did not want to get up. He was sooo crabby. I had to prod him just to move an inch. He couldn't decide what he wanted for breakfast and we were running late anyway, so he stood in the kitchen and started to cry. So, the first day of school pics were NOT what I had anticipated. However, once we got to school he cheered up and was fine when I left. The next day, we took another pic b/c he was in his regular cheery mood, so he cheezed it up big time. Drew has been doing great in school so far, receiving good marks everyday from his teacher. She noted that he was a very good boy and a super listener! Last week, he came home and asked me who could come over to play with him, he was already bored at home with me. I told him everyone was at school or at the babysitters and he said, "no one play with Drew." Too bad his class doesn't last all day, it only goes til 11 a.m. I'll have to find ways to entertain him for the rest of the year.

Drew has his first gymnastics class last Friday. He loved it, to say the least. The first part of it was body conditioning and it wore me out just watching them. I figured he'd be tired by the time they got to the rest of it but he did great. He practiced doing hand stands, cartwheels, and a whole lot of jumping and running too. Everyday since, he asks in the morning if it's flip time. He wants to go everyday now. When we'd watch gymnastics on the Olympics, he'd say, "Drew can do that." We'd just laugh and let him go on.

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Dana said...

I can't believe how big Drew looks!! Wow he is growing up already! I'm so glad that school is
going well, and he looks so happy with you guys. Hope Ellie does just as good!! Can't wait to get
together with you once we are back home!!