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Thursday, May 1, 2008

More catching up

Well as you can read, there's not a lot of time to update this blog or read/catch up on our emails either. So we apologize in advance. Drew is outside at the moment with Scott so I have a few minutes to spare. He is continuing to adjust pretty well this week. Last weekend, he went to church for the 2nd time and did really well. He stayed in his Sunday school class with Riley the entire time as before and then went to children's church afterwards. We'll be glad when he gets used to going and when he really understands the reasons for going. He also went fishing for the 3rd time and had a great time. He reeled in 3 or 4 fish for his baba and he actually cast out and caught 1 himself! They were all large bluegill. He thought about keeping each one, and when we asked why, he replied with a biting motion and pointing to his mouth! He is turning out to be quite the little fisherman, just like his daddy. Forgive me for not posting any pictures lately, I haven't had time to upload any yet! Oh yes, last weekend was our niece Taylor's 16th b'day party. Riley and Drew had a big time dancing and running around there. Riley stayed out on the dance floor the entire time cuttin' a rug. Drew got a helping hand, or actually got carried around on his cousins' Austin and Jesse's backs while they were boogeying down on the dance floor. Drew loved this and wasn't shy at all.
This week we met his regular pediatrician too. He did great there, and was entertained by dad the whole time. They only flag we got was with his colon. They took an x-ray of it and it was really enlarged and full of stool. So now we have to give him Miralax to get rid of it all and see where we stand. We hated to see that his colon was so large, considering the problems/surgery he had when he was a baby. Well we have to go back in a week or so and get re x-rayed. There are a lot of what ifs and I can't help but think ahead and prepare for the unknown. Speaking of Drew's eating habits. He is still eating all kinds of fruits. In the mornings, he usually wants either strawberries, oranges, grapes, carrots, plums or bananas. There is no variance either here. Only Scott can get him to eat an egg occasionally. He doesn't like cereal, pancakes, waffles, donuts, any of that kind of stuff. Drew now bargains for pieces of beef jerky in the morning too. Today he forgot to get the piece but he ate a bag of strawberries and a bag of bananas. He now found out he likes canteloupe as well, so we can add it to the growing list. He now has this obsession with having his food in a plastic baggie. I have to put his fruit in a bag for him to carry around. He almost always eats every bit of it too. Even when we go anywhere we pack snacks of the same fruits for him to eat. He gobbles it all up usually too. I've never in my life bought so much fruit in such a short time, no kidding. We have to make extra trips to the grocery store just for fruit when he runs out. You would think that his bowels would be working great with all the fruits and veggies he eats too. That's what makes me wonder....
As far as regular meals goes, we've found he likes and will eat spaghetti, salad (loves all the veggies), any meat like grilled/barbecued or meat/noodle dishes, fajita meat/veggies, and stir-fry. Other than that, we've not had much luck. Oh yes, does ice cream count? He loves ice cream bars. He is good about trying something for the first time, but usually he decides he doesn't like it. So the list of normal foods that kids usually like such as hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, he doesn't like. So when we visit McDonalds, he will only eat french fries and drink coke. Yes he loves sodas--bad habit. By the way, forgot to mention that he still insists on eating with chopsticks too. Ever seen someone eat spaghetti with them? If you visit our house, you will. However, Scott has had him eat a few times with a fork when we ate out and I forgot the chopsticks anyway.
Drew is becoming used to his regular daily routine. He is quite used to taking a bath at night then getting settled down to go to bed. However, he usually also has to have a night snack of fruit, usually carrots or strawberries. In the mornings, he always tells me he wants to "vroom vroom" and making a driving motion with his hands, that he wants to go in the car somewhere. Two or three of those times, he told me he wanted to go see Tonito--his buddy from China. We already told him we would hopefully this summer but that doesn't make sense for a little heartsick 4 yr old I know. He loves to go out to my dad's work office too. He is the center of attention and always gets a soda out of his "yeh yeh" (grandpa), and usually some gum or money from his uncle Mark. Today he said, "see ya later uncle Mark" with no prompting at all. It was a funny surprise. He is also pretty good at going to different stores with me. He's been really good at them all, with no tantrums or whining for toys, etc. I'm waiting for that shoe to fall soon too... haha. Drew has really taken to the movies he got from the shower. He watched Green Eggs and Ham so many times, he says "Sam I Am" all the time! He also likes 101 Dalmations, and now Ice Age 2. He points and repeats words or phrases he knows in English when he hears them in a movie or on TV. That's great to know he recognizes it. He is continuing to learn English on a daily basis. He is such a fast learner and catches on quickly. He likes to call me by my name and says "Kimber!" 100 times a day it seems. Every now and then he adds in Mama! He thinks this is so funny.

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