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Friday, May 2, 2008

Another day

Drew was asleep last night at 9:15 and guess what time he woke up this morning?
Well it was 9:00 ! Can you say sleepyhead? Yes , that's what Scott and Riley always called me because I never got up as early as they did, but now I can say Drew is the real deal here.
He woke up in a good mood and with a smile on his cute face as he usually does. Isn't that pleasant to think about? At least he's not a bear to wake up. He ate a banana and 1 1/2 eggs that Scott fried for him. We didn't make it to preschool again today. We only made it there once this week. We'll try again next week. We just got done going around the block, with him riding his tricycle and I was walking. It's been storming and raining here earlier and still sprinkling a little but we made it back. He just had to ride through all the big water puddles too. He has now just finished off another box of strawberries we just bought this morning. I only bought 2. For lunch, I made philly cheese steak sandwiches, which Drew loved the meat, onions, and green peppers. He ate a lot of the cut up pepper raw and then ate more that were cooked. He ate broccoli warmed up in the microwave as a snack last night before bed. Isn't that strange for kids to request this for a snack? Strange, but healthy.

He questions everything that he comes across in asking if it is his. He points to himself and says,"Drew's?" , or "woh, Drew's?" When we say yes , you would think we just gave him a million dollars! When he found all the toothpaste and toothbrushes we had for him, he counted it all and then jumped up and down when he knew they were his. When we started going for our walks around the block, he would go to everyone's mailbox and try to open them to get their mail. He didn't realize it was somone else's mail he was trying to get. When we get our mail, he immediately asks if it is his and wants some of it to carry and call his own. So thank goodness for junk mail, it's all his! He is happy to get it too. He has this thing for papers, pamphlets, leaflets, advertisements, instruction booklets, etc. He kinda hoards them in his room and hides them in his drawers and under his pillow. He likes to get them out and look or "read" them alot.

He talks all the time and is busy almost constantly, unless he's watching a movie or asleep-haha. He sings his little Chinese songs and phrases alot still too. It's soo cute to hear him talk. He is so cheerful, happy -go-lucky most of the time too. He loves to play hide-and-seek, especially with his Nai Nai (grandma). His little laugh is sooo darn cute! He likes to play fight/wrestle , play karate kicking with his baba too. He thinks it's so funny to beat him up and to catch his leg when kicking it up. He is so talkative and playful with us, but sometimes with new people he clams up. He tends to do this when we go to preschool to visit too. We wish that everyone could see him interact at home to see his shining personality and abilities. He now likes to tell us or remind us to say thank you, so he can say your welcome! When we tell him we love him, he says it right back with even more emphasis, it's sooo sweet to hear!

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