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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New things

So we've learned quite a bit from our trip to China as we've traveled to Beijing, Urumqi, and Guangzghou- 3 major cities. First, never drink the water here, not even in the hotel. We brush our teeth with bottled water. They don't serve you ice in drinks, you get cold or warm drinks/sodas. Coke is the major distributor here. The traffic here is beyond your imagination. They honk their horns constantly, bicyclers, buses, taxis, cars all just maneuver their way around each other within inches, with little concern for the others, including pedestrians. They park and drive on the sidewalks in some of the cities due to not enough parking or hardly any parking lots. You see these pedalers going down the street in busy traffic hauling tons of products or boxes on top of a bicycle! They must have good balance.... Squatty potties--first time to have to use these! They're just like going camping out in the woods and just using it in the bushes, except dirtier and stinkier. Everyone here thinks I (Kim) can speak Chinese. Most of the waitresses and vendors try to speak to me and ask questions. They find out quickly that i don't, some smile back, some snicker/laugh. Actually I'm beginning to wonder if Drew thinks I can speak a little Chinese too. He seems to say things to me in a lower voice and whispers in my ear alot. I just act like I understand-haha. They all ask where Drew is from and immediately ask how old he is, while commenting how tall/big he is.
The poverty here is also beyond your imagination. Even walking down the streets here, you can see people's laundry hanging out on the lines between the buildings. We had our laundry do the other day, so it could've been ours hanging out to dry!! No joke-haha. Scott says there's a lot of hoochie mamas walking around in China. They wear their tight jeans/pants and high heels and are busy talking and walking. It's pretty funny. At least here in Guangzghou, most of the people speak English, so that helps quite a bit. They really cater to visitors here in hotel too, which is nice.


Terrie, Jason, Jesse, Addie said...

You should be leaving right about now, so you may not get this until you're home. Anyway, we're thinking about you all, praying for a safe trip home. We can't wait to meet Drew! Oh, and we'll be happy to see Patsy, Phil, Scott, and Kimber, too!!! (:-D

Anonymous said...

We are soooo ready to meet Drew! Matthew is at work with me today so that he could see the pics in your blog of Drew and your trip. He asked about the "sore" on his leg, so I had to explain what happened.
He wanted to put some signs up at your house this morning, but we didn't get up & going in time this morning.
Can't wait to see you guys home safely.
Matthew wants to know if you all will be at church on Sunday?
Jennifer & Matthew Cross