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Friday, March 21, 2008

The big brother

This is the last weekend we will be able to see Riley before we leave for China so Scott went and picked him up from school. They had a little conversation between them then and had to share it with me. Scott had already been discussing our leaving to pick up Drew to Riley again, and he wanted to tell me what all was said while Riley was still listening. He said "he knows we're leaving Wednesday to go pick Drew up and that we'll be gone for 14 days". He said "Riley said he's excited to get his brother home." I said ,"well that's great!, now you know he won't be able to talk like you do or like we do." Riley said, "yeah, I know all that stuff too. He then asked,"will you still love me?" (Which rather floored us) We told him "OF COURSE, Always and Forever, no matter what, that would never change." He seemed content to hear this and said ok. We later explained that Drew may be scared at first and asked if he would help him out. Scott said,"you know Riley, that he might be scared to sleep by hisself since he sleeps with his family there now,will you sleep in his room with him?" Riley replies,"yeah, OR he can sleep with me in my room, he can just come in there and wake me up." That would be wonderful if it pans out that way. (However, I plan to co-sleep with Drew for a while as he is used to sleeping with his foster mother).

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